St Mary’s, Bridgwater: our link with Mawanda Parish in Eastern Zambia














Our link with Mawanda Parish was established to provide mutual support for worship and mission and is part of the wider link between the Diocese of Bath and Wells and churches within the Diocese of Eastern Zambia.


There are 15 churches in Mawanda Parish which are spread over a wide area in a very rural part of the country.


The parish priest is Father Edward Zimba.

As part of the support we offer we raise funds for sustainable projects within the parish under the direction of Bishop William Mchombo, Bishop of Eastern Zambia. To date our support has funded a motorbike, to enable the parish priest to visit all the churches within his parish, and is funding the construction of a new church building to meet the growing needs of the parish.


The principal contact at St Mary’s for the link is Richard Philpott supported by Frances Webb.


Richard Philpott, The Bishop of Bath and Wells, and Father Edward

Father Edward and Rev. Trish Ollive

Beginning to build the school house

School buildings

Some of the children the mission has helped

The Parish Church of Saint Mary Bridgwater